The Center Dance Studio is thrilled to unveil “Moving Museum” our Fall ’22 Choreography Lab Series. Drawing inspiration from seminal artists and art movements, Choreo Lab students will venture beyond the frame to create a living, breathing “gallery” of original dances. We will analyze, interpret, interrogate and CELEBRATE works that have stirred imaginations, sparked debate, expanded conceptions and generated new forms. Whether they’re navigating Pablo Picasso’s cubist landscapes, sliding into the surreal with Frida Khalo, basking in the brilliance of Sonia Delaunay’s colorful palettes or donning Jean-Michel Basquiat’s iconic crowns, Fall ’22 dance makers will discover the artist within themselves in Moving Museum. One art-making workshop will be built into the session. Performance date TBD.

Turning Pages (1 hour, grades 1-2) and Spinning Yarns (1 hour and 15 minutes, grades 3-4) introduce students to the language of dance, inviting them to explore movement in a creative, nurturing environment. Picture books, poetry, photographs and paintings serve as entry-points for authentic, movement-based storytelling. Students consider such choreographic elements as space, body, time and relationship as they work together to build dances inspired by favorite texts and their own imaginations. Guided improvisations, informed by our students’ own literary imaginations, are another staple of this course. An informal sharing of our work will take place at the end of the semester. 

Story Arc (75 minutes, grades 4-6) and Theme and Variation (90 minutes, grades 7-12) encourage students to stretch themselves — both creatively and physically — in a supportive, community-oriented atmosphere. Combining modern technique instruction and dance building, these classes invite students to apply their technical dance skills to a wide range of choreographic tasks, exploring movement dynamics, spatial design, time factors and relationship. Democratically selected themes and literary texts will inform collaborative dance making; students will also write across a variety of genres and use their work as choreographic material. By rooting students in the basics of Laban Movement Analysis, students will learn to constructively critique and refine their original ensemble works.


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