Adult Classes

  • A352_-_Dancers_Art_Decal (1)Ballet Conditioning (1 hour): A ballet workout designed to develop core strength, lengthen muscles, improve posture and increase stamina. Barre exercises provide a meditative strengthening and toning routine, while center work offers an opportunity for low-impact, feel-good cardio dance.
  • Adult Ballet (1 hour): a more traditional ballet class geared toward lovers of the classical form. Barre work reinforces foundational ballet vocabulary and principles; center work cultivates purity of movement and musicality as dancers learn and refine longer ballet phrases. Tutus optional.
  • Zumba-Hip Hop Mash-Up (1 hour): Our certified Zumba instructor, Tiffany Joseph, is also a fantastic Hip Hop teacher! In this class, her skills and passions combine to produce a SUPER FUN, high-intensity dance party.
  • Book and Bar(re)™: a combination book club, dance party and cocktail hour. A short but robust dance warm up followed by light stretching, adult beverages and low-stakes literary discussion. Each class  culminates in a group improv inspired by the evening’s literary analysis (character dynamics, tone, theme, structure….it’s all fair game). BYOBook, BYOBottle…We’ll provide the Barre. Hilarity guaranteed.

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