Adult Classes

Adult Dance

Adult Fitness Dance (1 hour): Our certified Zumba instructor, Tiffany Joseph, is also a fantastic Hip Hop, yoga and Afro-Caribbean teacher! In this class, her skills and passions combine to produce a SUPER FUN, high-intensity dance party.

Alexander Technique: Balance and Ease on the Floor (1 hour):Experience movement with ease while applying the principles of the Alexander Technique. This extended session on the floor invites students to practice gentle movement through the lens of the AT, focusing on breath, dynamic balance and optimal coordination through the whole mind body. Movement structures and patterns are drawn from such practices as Bartenieff Fundamentals, Yoga, and various Dance Techniques.

Barre (1 hour): A ballet workout designed to develop core strength, lengthen muscles, improve posture and increase stamina. Barre exercises provide a meditative strengthening and toning routine, while center work offers an opportunity for low-impact, feel-good cardio dance.

Book and Bar(re): a combination book club, dance party and cocktail hour. A short but robust dance warm up followed by light stretching, adult beverages and low-stakes literary discussion. Each class  culminates in a group improv inspired by the evening’s literary analysis (character dynamics, tone, theme, structure….it’s all fair game). BYOBook, BYOBottle…We’ll provide the Barre. Hilarity guaranteed.

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