Our Approach

At The Center…


We are readers. We read stories, poems, picture books, the occasional fortune cookie. We share our insights, interpretations and reactions to a wide breadth of literature, and use these to build dances that both reflect our own experiences and help us relate more meaningfully to others.

We are storytellers. We invent characters and worlds, experiment with form, explore literary devices and develop our unique writers’ voices. We exchange ideas and techniques, and learn from one another. Our original works, many of them the fruits of collaborative effort, also serve as rich material for dance making.

We are
dancers. We speak the language of movement, discovering the infinite expressive possibilities of our own bodies. We develop strength and agility, discover muscles we didn’t know we had, and use them to test the limits of time and space. Sometimes, we fly.

We are dance makers. Using creative tools and philosophies from a dynamic tradition of choreographers, we build dances that honor the depth of our imaginations. We seek compelling new ways to execute familiar actions, we play with structure and form, and explore relationships between bodies in motion. We value the journey — and the connection it fosters — as much as the destination, and actively pursue opportunities to share our work with the larger community.