Open House This Thursday!

The Center will kick off its Spring/Winter Session with free trial classes, Thursday, January 15th, at the Unitarian Meetinghouse in downtown Amherst. 

Students are encouraged to wear comfortable clothing and bare feet.
While we recommend full participation in the class, we also welcome students and families to simply observe.  

Class times are as follows:

3PM – 4PM: Story Arc (1 hour, grades 7-12) encourages students to stretch themselves — both creatively and physically — in a supportive, community-oriented atmosphere. Students will receive focused instruction in ballet and modern techniques while experiencing the joys and challenges of improvisational dance. Democratically selected literary texts will inform collaborative dance building; students will also be encouraged to journal and use their work as choreographic material. By rooting students in the basics of Laban Movement Analysis, students will learn to constructively critique their own and their peers’ work. An informal sharing of our work will take place at the end of the semester.

4PM – 4:45 PM: Word Play
 (45 minutes, grades K-2) introduces students to the language of dance, inviting them to explore movement in a creative, nurturing environment. Well-loved stories and poems, as well as our students’ literary imaginations, will fuel collaborative dance-building. An informal sharing of our work will take place at the end of the semester.

4:45 – 5:30 PM: Spinning Yarns
 (45 minutes, grades 3-6) expands and strengthens students’ dance vocabulary, offering foundational training in ballet and modern techniques while promoting authentic movement exploration. Engaging, textured works of literature will serve as entry-points for original, movement-based storytelling. Students will consider such choreographic elements as space, body, time and relationship as they work together to build dances. An informal sharing of our work will take place at the end of the semester. 

Come for a class, enroll for the semester! 

We hope to see you there….