“I Am the Storm” Choreography Lab

“Nature is strong and powerful. But, you are strong and powerful, too.” 

After the year we’ve lived through, our children already know this. The Center’s next session of Spinning Yarns invites them to dance this truth in a choreography lab based around Jane Yolen’s stirring new picture book, I Am The Storm. 

Students’ technical skills and movement vocabulary will develop as they consider such choreographic elements as space, sequence, rhythm and relationship. Working together, they will flex their creative muscles and stretch their imaginations to build an original piece of choreography. An informal OUTDOOR performance will take place in June (date TBA). 

Class will meet Friday afternoons from 4-5PM, April 16th-June 11th, at Groff Park in South Amherst. Masks are required. 

Tuition is $120. 

For more information, email thecenterdanceschool@gmail.com. To register, visit our Square Store.

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