Theme & Variation Choreography Lab

As we mark one year since COVID-19 took hold of our world, it seems important to remember: though this pandemic is global, its impacts are far from universal. In Theme & Variation, students will consider four different artists’ impressions of the pandemic, and collaboratively build a dance that reflects the diversity of experiences lived over the past year. An informal OUTDOOR performance will be held in June (date TBD).

Theme and Variation (90 minutes, open to Intermediate & Advanced ballet students) encourages students to stretch themselves — both creatively and physically — in a supportive, community-oriented atmosphere. Students will apply their technical dance skills to a wide range of choreographic tasks, exploring movement dynamics, spatial design, time factors and relationship. Democratically selected themes and literary texts will inform collaborative dance building; students will also write across a variety of genres and use their work as choreographic material. By rooting students in the basics of Laban Movement Analysis, students will learn to constructively critique and refine their original ensemble works. 

Class will meet Monday evenings from 5-6:30 PM, April 12th-June 7th, in the Great Meadow in North Amherst. Masks are required. 

Tuition is $180. 

For more information, email To register, visit our Square Store.

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