Center Stage: All That Jazz

Curtains up!

The Center Dance is thrilled to announce Center Stage: All That Jazz, a spin-off of our popular musical theater dance class. Like the original, this class will introduce kids to choreography straight off Broadway; a new highlight: foundational jazz technique! Students will master a jazz square, rock a flick kick, and cover some serious ground performing an across-the-floor slide! (All with magnificent jazz hands, of course). 

Whether your child is an aspiring performer, a Broadway enthusiast, or simply looking for a fabulous way to kick off the weekend, Center Stage: All That Jazz is the place to be!

Recommended for kids in grades 4-6. No prior experience necessary. 

Classes will meet on Fridays at 5:15 PM, September 10th-December 10th, at The Center Dance Studio: 321 Main Street, in Amherst. Tuition is $190.

A FREE TRIAL CLASS will be held Thursday, August 12th, at 5:30 PM.

To pre-register, reserve a spot in our fall session, or request more information, email 

It’s YOUR turn in the spotlight. Enroll today!

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