Ballet in the Park!

For their first plié….The Center Dance.

Where friendships blossom.

Where grace grows wild.

Where strength is a quality of body and mind.

Where fancy takes flight, and the landing is kind.

Where Ballet is magic unfolding…

Since 2015, The Center has offered outstanding ballet programming to the Valley’s youngest dance lovers. Our interactive, developmentally appropriate approach nurtures children’s enthusiasm for ballet and celebrates the creative spark inside all of us. 


Story Ballet (45 minutes, ages 3-6) invites young dancers to explore the world of ballet through an imaginative lens. Using imagery and stories as inspiration, students will engage with the vocabulary and principles of classical ballet. 

OUTDOOR class: Sundays, 11-11:45 AM, at Groff Park

Pre-Ballet  (45 minutes, Kindergarten) introduces young dancers to the fundamentals of classical ballet, emphasizing strength, alignment, musicality and spatial awareness. The developmentally appropriate class structure keeps kids active and engaged while cultivating discipline and a growth mindset. 

OUTDOOR class: Fridays, 4:15-5PM, at Groff Park

Ballet 1 (1 hour, grade 1; grade 2 without prior experience) In Ballet 1, students are supported and challenged as they develop strength, coordination and musicality. Ballet 1 dancers gain confidence as their physical and mental stamina increase, and they move toward fluency in the “language” of ballet.

OUTDOOR class: Thursdays, 4:15-5PM, at Groff Park


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