Book & Bar(re): Hygge Edition



n. 1. a quality of coziness and comfortable conviviality that engenders a feeling of contentment or well-being.

Book & Bar(re)
/bo͝ok/ /and/ /bär/

n. 1. a combination book club, dance party and cocktail hour. A short but robust dance warm up followed by light stretching, adult beverages and low-stakes literary discussion.

Book & Bar(re): Hygge Edition: 

Coziness: check
Conviviality: check
Well-being: check

Wednesday nights at The Center dance are brimming with hygge this winter, as we gather for movement, conversation, libation, and celebration of all things cozy. Whether you love winter, despise it, or fall somewhere in between, treat yourself to a healthy dose of midweek hygge in Book & Bar(re).

BYOBook*, BYOBottle**…We’ll provide the Barre***. Wool socks encouraged; masks required; hilarity guaranteed.

*This session’s book has not yet been selected. And we use the term “book” loosely. Suggestions welcome!
**Bottle of wine, box of tea, thermos of coffee. Your version of liquid hygge.
***We may do a plié or two at the barre; mostly we move where we wish!

Location: The Center Dance, 321 Main Street in Amherst
Dates: 1/26-3/16
Cost: $90-$140 (sliding scale)

Register online at our Square Store. For more information, email

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