A Note from the Directors

To our dancers, on the eve of The Center’s first post-pandemic theater performance — 

We CELEBRATE you! We celebrate your tremendous energy, and how generously you’ve poured it into this show. We celebrate your playful curiosity, and how naturally you’ve followed it toward deeper understandings and new ways of seeing. We celebrate your fierce sense of justice, and the tender way that you honor one another’s differences. You inspire us; you delight us; you teach us. We are proud beyond measure.

And to the families of our dancers — 

We THANK you! The Center survived a global pandemic thanks to your unwavering support and adaptability. You followed us into the rain and snow, you embraced the belief that grass makes a lovely dance floor, and you trusted us to keep your children healthy and safe. For this, we are humbled and grateful. 

Finally, to our phenomenal instructors —

Where do we even begin? Your dedication, resourcefulness, patience and passion have fueled the everyday magic that The Center brings to our community. We appreciate you more than words can express, and love you so, so big. 

At a time of unparalleled uncertainty, conflict, loss and pain, Amanda Gorman’s Change Sings resonates so purely. As adults, we wish for our children a world less demanding of resilience. We wish for them fewer unanswerable questions. We wish for them so much more peace. 

At the same time, our hearts soar when we witness these kids finding joy and purpose in the act of uniting to create art that reflects the change they know is possible. 

We dedicate this show to children around the globe who bravely sing, dance, paint, compose, and tell stories of a world where all voices are heard, where all bodies are safe, and where all hearts know their value. 

“There is hope where YOUR change sings.” 

All love,
Ashley & Caddy 

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